Welcome to the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand.  We hope that you will enjoy the activities our Society has to offer.

We hold monthly meetings, usually with an outside speaker, regular one-day and weekend field trips, and occasional workshops.

We aim to provide a friendly and helpful environment in which to develop our photographic interests and skills.  There is a wide range of abilities among our members and diverse fields of interest. Hopefully you will find lots in common with many of our members.

We are different from other photographic clubs in that we focus on creating images of natural subjects in a non-competitive way.  The only competition we are involved in as a club is the Trenna Packer inter-club Natural History Competition, which we host, because this falls within our core area of interest.

Also, we are the only photographic group in New Zealand besides the Photographic Society of New Zealand that awards Honours for members who achieve a certain standard of proficiency in their photography.  Currently we have eight Fellows of the Society, 26 Associates and 17 Licentiates.  Click here to see our Honours Board

Our energetic executive committee, along with our Patron, Richard Studholme, are here to ensure that you enjoy your association with our Society.

You will find information about our activities and register for Field Trips on this website.

If you have an internet presence we would love to showcase it in our Members Gallery.  Send the URL and a thumbnail image (600x400px) to the webmaster

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Covid-19 Policy

If there is anything you would like to discuss with any of us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email

Jane Coulter
President NPSNZ