Close encounters of the butterfly kind, Wednesday, 17 August: Woodham Park

On Wednesday the 17th, eleven like-minded photographers had a lovely walk in Woodham Park with the idea to shoot a few butterflies. Unfortunately the day we chose was the day the butterflies chose to not be there, so we only saw a few quite high up in the tree. A lone one sunning itself on the ground got enough attention from everybody though! It was overcast and fairly dark, making it difficult to get good shutterspeeds with long lenses without going over the top with ISO’s, so a few arty shots were in the order of the day! Apart from the butterflies we saw quite a lot of waxeyes, and flowers popping up all over the place. Judy showed us the little dogwood flowers, something new to a few of us.
After an enjoyable morning in the park 7 of us went to the Red Verandah for great coffees and yummy cakes.  Thank you very much Pol for organising it and leading us to great photo opportunities!

Annemarie Beukman

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