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Doug Herriot: Love-in-a-mist


Frozen in Time

Christmas Fun Competition “Frozen in Time” Now is the time to start making images for the Christmas competition. As always this is for fun and should be treated as such. Think about the subject, be

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President’s Column – August 2019

Didn’t we do well in the Trenna Packer Salver Competition this year! We may have lost out to Howick Camera Club, but to come 2nd out of 21 entries just shows the depth of talent in our ranks. Of course, congratulations to Howick Camera Club and when you look at their entry it is obvious why they won this year. Have a look at their entry in this newsletter and you can view all the entries at the web site listed there. So, next year we just need to lift our game a little and the Trenna Packer Salver can once again reside in our trophy cabinet. Through communication with Carolyn Elcock, we had an important visitor at the Trenna Packer Competition evening. Norma Robson, Trenna Packer’s niece, was there to watch proceedings. She has said just how much she enjoyed the evening and how impressed she was by the quality of the competition. Norma and her cousin have a more recent photo of Trenna which they will pass on to us and, in addition, would like to continue Trenna’s legacy by providing a replacement trophy once the current one has been filled with engraving. As well as the Trenna Packer, we also enjoyed success in the recent Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon hosted by CPS. Congratulations to Newell Grenfell, Pol Syrett, Gina McGauley, Dawn Kirk and Anne Lamb. We seem to have this ability to punch above our weight and meeting our own high standards certainly shines through. If you should want to improve on your already huge talents, why not enrol in our workshops coming up before Xmas. We’ve just held a macro workshop with about 15 of our members hungry for knowledge and we have two more coming up. One, Stage 2 of the earlier Bird Photography Workshop with Bevan Tulett, provisionally 19th October and the other, a Light & Colour Workshop with Pol Syrett on 16th November. Watch the newsletter and web site for more details. Never underestimate the strength of our club. Collectively, we are good at what we do.

See you soon.

Peter Hockley

Peter Hockley: Waterfall

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