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Doug Herriot: Love-in-a-mist


Honours Applications 2020

Honours 2020 Are you thinking about putting in an honours set in February 2020? The deadline for submitting an honours portfolio is 16 February 2020.   NPSNZ HONOURS: INVITATION Please think about applying for your

Frozen in Time

Christmas Fun Competition “Frozen in Time” Now is the time to start making images for the Christmas competition. As always this is for fun and should be treated as such. Think about the subject, be

NPSNZ Events

PSNZ Events


2020/Vision Christchurch

April 23, 2020 - April 26, 2020


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President’s Column – November 2019

Here are a couple of club events you may like to get involved in.

Fun Stuff: The Christmas Fun Competition with the theme ‘Frozen in Time’. The images you enter do not necessarily have to have ‘ice’ in them. They can simply be anything old caught up in a modern world. Anything that represents a moment in time, and if you can inject a sense of humour, then all the better. There will be prizes of chocolate fish and chocolate Santa’s galore when the competition is judged at our December meeting. So, put your thinking cap on, but you’ll need to hurry. Check out the full details in this newsletter.

Serious Stuff: Honours applications. If you are wanting to apply for Honours, now is the time to start seriously thinking about it. Applying for Honours in one of the three available categories will make your photography better and can be very rewarding.

A few of our members have already attended an Honours Mentoring Workshop where Carolyn Elcock assisted applicants in putting cohesive sets of images together. Your submissions are due by mid-February, so now is a good time to get on with it. Again, you’ll find the full details in this newsletter.

See you soon

Peter Hockley

Flower Macro

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