NPSNZ Astro Photography Workshop – 24 November 2018

Presenter: Rob

Report by: Barry

Venue: Rock and Mineral Clubrooms, 110 Waltham Road, Waltham

Eleven members including our presenter attended the 2 hour workshop,  the objective of which was to provide the opportunity for members to expand their night sky / astro photo taking skills, be exposed to techniques members may be unfamiliar with or not skilled in, or perhaps to achieve a higher level of satisfaction from this branch of  photography.

This intro workshop covered the theory, gear to get started and for more advanced, suggested camera settings and lenses and a number of matters best covered before undertaking night shoots.  These topics  included the importance of an interesting foreground  as a key element of composition, white balance, use of a remote release, focussing technique, Photopills as an aid in planning night shots, exposure settings , setting camera to manual, lens choice, software for post production  etc  etc.  Barry provided a demonstration of his pano head for multi row/ stitched imaged images.

I wish to acknowledge and thank Adrian whom we had asked to run the workshop for his initial thoughts. For reasons outside his control, Adrian was unable to be with us.  Rob stepped in at short notice and I wish to thank him for his time and expertise in preparing for and running the workshop.

With the discussion on astro theory carried out, we will arrange real time night shoots either single night trips or as an adjunct to our multi days trips.

Overall a successful workshop backed up by five handouts that will be a good reference guide.