Margaret Soraya


Podcast I believe every one of us can create beautiful images, feel fulfilled, and improve our well-being through photography and this is why I created this podcast. The quiet landscape podcast is about

Margaret Soraya2021-09-13T14:13:11+12:00

Peter Crossley


NZ Geographic quoting Peter Crossley Lava caves may just be the most delightful thing that Aucklanders don’t know about their city—hidden below the suburbs, beneath front lawns and corner dairies. These caves are formed as

Peter Crossley2021-06-26T14:35:52+12:00

Simon Pierce


February 15th 2021: Whale Shark Research Simon J Pierce - Simon says: 'I’m a co-founder and whale shark researcher at the Marine Megafauna Foundation, and an irredeemable wildlife geek at the new

Simon Pierce2021-05-18T19:30:04+12:00

Mark Watson


May 17th 2021: Cycling from Alaska to Patagonia via the American Cordillera  Mark Watson Mark over viewed his 45,500km cycling journey from the north coast of Alaska to Patagonia and then covered

Mark Watson2021-07-19T16:17:40+12:00

William Patino


William has been awarded the Resene Colour Award as a 2020 NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year Winner.  Click here to scroll through the awards Message from Will: If anyone is interested, I have

William Patino2021-04-27T11:06:08+12:00

Julian Elliott


Message from Julian A Kazak Mongolian eagle hunter and his eagle in the Altai near to Bayan Olgii, Mongolia. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I've been in the UK without

Julian Elliott2021-05-18T19:33:54+12:00

Charles Needle Publications


Here is the direct link for people to order my Impressionistic Photography book: The cost is $40 US + $40 S&H to New Zealand via Priority Mail International (Flat Rate Envelope). Unfortunately, I

Charles Needle Publications2020-08-05T21:09:08+12:00

Grant Beedie


Grant showed us some of his wonderful images and talked about he made them on Monday 19th November 2018.  He runs macro workshops which I'm sure you would enjoy. Macrophy presents 'Small World Beginners Macro

Grant Beedie2021-05-18T19:28:38+12:00

Francis Vallance


At the October meeting Francis Vallance talked about "Canterbury – My backyard". His many beautiful landscapes showed he is dedicated photographer with many early starts. His knowledge of the Canterbury back country was evident. Check

Francis Vallance2018-10-18T09:47:24+13:00

Tui De Roy


Tui De Roy gave a talk on her photographic life from birth through to now. Her photos were of the many places she has traveled and the influential events in her life. Check out her

Tui De Roy2018-09-30T11:33:14+13:00
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