Saturday 19 August

Eight members met up in Southbridge before navigating the back roads down to Coopers Lagoon. The lagoon is accessed via McEvedys Road and sits just back from the beach and lies north of the Rakaia Huts. We had cold, grey conditions and while there were birds in the lagoon, most were in the distance. There was one sighting of a Banded Dotterel, which, upon careful observation, revealed it had three eggs.

The beach proved interesting, being stoney like Birdlings Flat, but not as steep. Many large logs and tree stumps among other things littered the area, washed up and tossed above the high tide mark. There was also a large concrete drain to the sea from the lagoon with a row of photogenic piles nearby. After a couple of hours, we were all chilled and retreated for coffee and lunch in Lincoln.

Thanks, James, for organising this trip. It is a little-known location right near our back yard.

By Jane Coulter