Theme: Black and White

It’s that time again!

The exhibition team are excited to announce the
2024 Exhibition, which will coincide with the
30th Anniversary of the Society.  

We have some great venues lined up and for those who wish to hone their black and white skills we will be offering 3 Black & White Workshops this year.

You will have all of 2023 to capture and work on your B&W imagery as a project.

So start planning, or look through your files for some amazing images. 

A deadline date of 15 January 2024 has been set, but feel free to send your entries earlier to Jane Coulter

Criteria for images must be
4252 pixels x 2835 pixels (either portrait or landscape), 300 dpi, AdobeRGB
A MAXIMUM of FOUR images per member

“Imagine an Ansel Adams style exhibition with a range of images from stark, minimalist compositions from landscape and macro, water with reflections, through high and low key images of flowers and trees,
to animal portraits.”