Trenna Packer Salver 2023

Call for NPSNZ Images – Deadline 16 April
(Please note this is earlier than usual)

Carl Thompson got us involved with this, our only competition, so let’s make it our best effort yet. Please send your images for selection. 

This year’s selection panel is Peter McCusker, Linley Earnshaw and Katherine McCusker and they would like to have the best images to select from. 

We need NATURAL HISTORY images for the Trenna Packer Salver Competition.  Please send up to 4 images for selection for the NPSNZ set. 

A Trenna Packer set consists of 6 images, from 6 different photographers. We can only create our best set from the best images and we need to receive many wonderful and diverse images to select from. 

Please note that no more than two bird images should appear in a set and preferably only one!  

So please send fungi, bugs, lizards, seals, lichen and even amazing natural landscapes.

The deadline for sending images is 16 April, please email them to Peter McCusker

The Rules for this competition are the same as the PSNZ Rules for Nature, 1 February 2021. (Click HERE to see the full details)

  • The subject matter must be nature as defined by the rules, which excludes cultivated plants, domestic animals and confined animals.
  • The subject matter is restricted to New Zealand and its offshore islands.
  • Clubs with over 100 members are restricted to one image per photographer.
  • If the Club has less than 100 members, a photographer may submit 2 images.
  • Each entry is judged as a ‘set of projected images’ not as individual images and must flow well and have good cohesion 
  • Entry is Digital and images should be saved as jpeg, sRGB colour space, resolution 72dpi with 1620 pixels on the horizontal for landscape and 1080 on the vertical side for portrait and at a file size between 400Kb and 1.2Mb. A layout image should be included showing the order and layout of the set.