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ANPSNZ 2021 Katherine McCusker


Katherine McCusker ANPSNZ 2021 (Nature: Creative) For this creative set I have used the soft early morning light and overcast days to help capture patterns in nature. Some are “straight photography” with a mix of

ANPSNZ 2021 Katherine McCusker2021-03-30T19:58:06+13:00

ANPSNZ 2021 Nadine Campbell


Nadine Campbell ANPSNZ 2021 (Natural Environment and Wildlife) Detail often Missed In this portfolio I illustrate my passion for the natural environment by photographing Animals, Plants and Landscapes in a way that shows the detail

ANPSNZ 2021 Nadine Campbell2021-03-30T21:10:11+13:00

LNPSNZ 2021 James Thompson


James Thompson LNPSNZ 2021 (Natural Environment and Wildlife) This set helps to illustrate New Zealand's diversity in nature from the ocean to the alps.  It includes vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, fungi and landscapes.  Mountain, forest and

LNPSNZ 2021 James Thompson2021-03-31T08:22:17+13:00

LNPSNZ 2020 Robyn Owen


Robyn Owen: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 I am drawn to the greens and yellows in our natural environment, colours and patterns, the peace and quiet of looking and absorbing my surroundings. I love

LNPSNZ 2020 Robyn Owen2021-03-30T11:53:58+13:00

LNPSNZ 2020 Linley Earnshaw


Linley Earnshaw: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 The natural world is a treasure chest of angles, shapes and colours. In this set of images, the intensity of the greens and contrasting whites is eye-catching

LNPSNZ 2020 Linley Earnshaw2021-03-30T11:55:27+13:00

LNPSNZ 2020 Nadine Campbell


Nadine Campbell: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife, prints) 2020 Detail Often Missed In this portfolio I illustrate my passion for the natural environment by photographing Animals, Plants, and Landscapes in a way that shows details

LNPSNZ 2020 Nadine Campbell2021-03-30T11:44:13+13:00

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope


Carolyn Hope: ANPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 Wild Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a small country supporting a range of climatic zones and rich diversity of wild life. All images were taken in the

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope2021-03-30T11:56:13+13:00

LPSNZ 2020 Ellen Henke


Ellen Henke: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 I first visited Galapagos Islands on the equator in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 1000 kilometres west of Ecuador, in 1979. Never having been threatened, the unique animals

LPSNZ 2020 Ellen Henke2021-03-30T11:52:51+13:00
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