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LNPSNZ 2020 Linley Earnshaw


Linley Earnshaw: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 The natural world is a treasure chest of angles, shapes and colours. In this set of images, the intensity of the greens and contrasting whites is eye-catching

LNPSNZ 2020 Linley Earnshaw2021-03-30T11:55:27+13:00

LNPSNZ 2020 Nadine Campbell


Nadine Campbell: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife, prints) 2020 Detail Often Missed In this portfolio I illustrate my passion for the natural environment by photographing Animals, Plants, and Landscapes in a way that shows details

LNPSNZ 2020 Nadine Campbell2021-03-30T11:44:13+13:00

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope


Carolyn Hope: ANPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 Wild Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a small country supporting a range of climatic zones and rich diversity of wild life. All images were taken in the

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope2021-03-30T11:56:13+13:00

LPSNZ 2020 Ellen Henke


Ellen Henke: LNPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 I first visited Galapagos Islands on the equator in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 1000 kilometres west of Ecuador, in 1979. Never having been threatened, the unique animals

LPSNZ 2020 Ellen Henke2021-03-30T11:52:51+13:00

ANPSNZ 2018 Kath Varcoe


Kath Varcoe: ANPSNZ (creative) 2018 Exploring the wonderful natural world where land meets water. From the bleak coast of Stewart Island to the dry coastal dunes of South Africa I marvel at the patterns of

ANPSNZ 2018 Kath Varcoe2021-03-30T11:57:58+13:00
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