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ANPSNZ 2021 Katherine McCusker


Katherine McCusker ANPSNZ 2021 (Nature: Creative) For this creative set I have used the soft early morning light and overcast days to help capture patterns in nature. Some are “straight photography” with a mix of

ANPSNZ 2021 Katherine McCusker2021-03-30T19:58:06+13:00

ANPSNZ 2021 Nadine Campbell


Nadine Campbell ANPSNZ 2021 (Natural Environment and Wildlife) Detail often Missed In this portfolio I illustrate my passion for the natural environment by photographing Animals, Plants and Landscapes in a way that shows the detail

ANPSNZ 2021 Nadine Campbell2021-03-30T21:10:11+13:00

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope


Carolyn Hope: ANPSNZ (Natural Environment and Wildlife) 2020 Wild Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a small country supporting a range of climatic zones and rich diversity of wild life. All images were taken in the

ANPSNZ 2020 Carolyn Hope2021-03-30T11:56:13+13:00
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